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Hosting Events/Event Space

Event Space

The Bourse loves hosting your events as well as putting on our events in our event space. They keep our loft alive and energetic and help bring in people who can spread the buzz about coworking and The Bourse.

Can I hold an event here?

Absolutely. Ideally, your group or event should be mission-appropriate to The Bourse. We love events that cater to our target membership of startups, entrepreneurs, writers, professionals, performing and visual artists, or work-from-home employees. Language classes, conferences, peer reviews, launchings, debates, hack-a-thons, Skillshare classes, forums, etc. are great. But events also can be specialty coffee, beer or wine tastings, a knitting night, even a small concert, dance, reading or improv performance.

If you have an event that will benefit our current members and/or bring in potential members, we are delighted to host. Contact us about any and all event ideas and we’ll be happy to think it through and get back to you!

What about the space?

We are an open loft that’s approximately 4,000 square feet. For conferences or large events up to 200 people, we suggest you use the loft space.

For smaller gatherings of 35 or less, we suggest our Lounge/Debate Society area. This is a great place for book readings, peer review, launchings, roundtable discussions, or casual meetings. We even have a piano in this area in case you want to put on a small recital.

For even smaller meetings or Skype calls, we have conference rooms.

We have two unisex bathrooms and a kitchenette with coffee machine, microwave, mini-fridge, and plenty of counter space. We have a projector screen available for any visual presentations. There are plenty of chalkboards and whiteboards in our loft as well.

How much do you charge?

Events: $125/hour/25 people

The charge for event space is $125 per hour per 25 people (discounts for members). Hours include the time before/after the event to set up and break-down/clean up the space to pre-event condition, including removing all trash from the premises (no dumpster, so responsible for removing and disposing of all trash). We subscribe to the code: “Always leave a space better than the condition in which you found it.”

Depending on how much your event might boost membership or further our mission, costs might be reduced or even free.

Meetings: $25/hour for conference room (up to 8 people [private secure], 12 people [public open]).

For small meetings, Skype calls, etc. the charge for our conference rooms (discount to members) is $25/hour.

What else should I know?

We only have a few requirements:

  • Allow us to leave membership applications, brochures, and cards at the entrance. We would even appreciate it if you gave us a few minutes to pitch Coworking and The Bourse during your event or mention us in your advertising and social networks. We offer low rates to host events in hopes of attracting new members. The only favor we ask of you is to plug our space to your audience where appropriate.
  • You can move any free-standing furniture around for your event. However, the space must be put back exactly as it was at the conclusion of the event, dishes, furniture and floors cleaned. If you need to move a lot of our furniture, take pictures so you know what it’s supposed to look like when you leave.
  • All trash must be carried out and disposed of on your own (we have no dumpster and the City does not collect garbage at the curb like they do in residential neighborhoods) at the end of the event. This is important. If you remove liquids or perishable items, make sure they don’t spill or leak out of trash bags on the full route out of the building. Be sure to leave halls, elevator and stairs clean and odor free.

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