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Work Gets Done at The Bourse Coworking Loft

Posted on January 25th, by Josh Allen in Blogs, Coworking, Efficiency, Future Office, New Haven. No Comments

Work Gets Done at The Bourse Coworking Loft

At The Bourse, Coworking Means Getting Work Done

by Josh Allen, Contributor @ The Bourse Coworking Loft – Coworking New Haven

A recent article from a blogger in Brussels, Belgium detailed the fascinating rise, success, but somewhat shocking, sudden recent closure in November of 2012 of a coworking space called The HUB Brussels. It’s part cautionary tale, part investigation into what exactly went wrong in a place where things seemed to be going right. The blogger, who goes by the name Anis, clearly details how management at The HUB Brussels focused its energy on creating a passionate community, but did not facilitate the necessary parameters to keep that community coming back and engaged with each other and the space. The space was noisy, distracting, and inhibitive of real work getting done, rather than centered around cultivating a highly focused and energetic working environment. Membership declined from month to month after an initial strong growth period because basic amenities, including WiFi, went unfixed for weeks at a time. Some people felt isolated or even unwelcome in the workspace because The HUB’s mission of promoting “sustainability” and “collaboration” was ambiguous at best. Work was strangely absent. Ultimately, without real work taking place in the shared workspace it is not surprising that members left and The HUB Brussels has closed down, at least for now.

Message Overload

The article got us thinking at The Bourse Coworking Loft in terms of what is special about our space here in downtown New Haven, and what allows us to feel positive about our shared workspace and business model. It comes down to how our coworking space allows for real work to get done.

Our members come here to work and work they do. I’m working right now at The Bourse and it’s cozy, it’s sociable, it’s friendly, but make no mistake – there isn’t a whole lot of time wasted. Unlike a corner coffee shop (Starbucks (2) on Chapel St., I am thinking of you) there isn’t overwhelming noise to distract you. You have space to set up your day, to figure out just what it is you want to accomplish, and attune to the focused atmosphere here to get it done. Sometimes I am so focused working at The Bourse that I completely forget to eat lunch. And for me that is rare, if not unfathomable working elsewhere.

All this should not seem scary, or intimidating, or limiting. If you wish to chat or share ideas you are more than welcome to do so. And we love hearing from you, and seeing our members interact. You can always cowork at The Bourse, but we also ensure that the atmosphere here is work-oriented and work-driving. There are members that work here every day, and some occasionally, but the main undercurrent, the main objective, and the commonality that we share is that we have interesting, creative, and exciting work to be doing.

When you investigate what the larger coworking movement is about you will find many ambiguous phrases and loose ideas thrown around. For instance, a glance at the coworking wiki declares “Coworking spaces are about community-building and sustainability.”  The Bourse is always looking to add events and help our community flourish through social interactions and idea sharing. For example, this winter we are thrilled to be hosting French classes for adults and children, which enriches our community and the greater area around us.

The main wikipedia entry for coworking adds that “Coworking offers a solution to the problem of isolation that many freelancers experience while working at home, while at the same time letting them escape the distractions of home.” Coworking is centered around collaboration, social innovation, professional networking, start-up businesses, entrepreneurial endeavors, and so on. But at The Bourse we never forget for a moment that the main reason coworking is viable and functional is that spaces such as ours allow for real work to be done without the addition of alarming amounts of noise or distractions that happen at Starbucks or at home.

Tons of Interest, Lots of Fun, Great Ideas, but Can You Work There?

Here are a few additional highlights of the blog post discussing the demise of The HUB in Brussels and how The Bourse Coworking Loft strives to be different:

“HUB Brussels is a great place to meet people, to have a chat, share a bite at the weekly “sexy salad” but it is not an optimal place to work. A member once told me ‘I feel that the HUB is a good place for the soul, but I doubt it is the right place for my company’”

Take note: At The Bourse, we insist we are the right place for your company, or for you to get work done. We love salad, too, but our core is our work and enabling you to work successfully each day.

“A lot of members have difficulties concentrating and have been quite often disturbed by noise while doing their work, which led ultimately to their departure. Close to a hundred members [of the HUB Brussels] cancelled their membership in 2011 alone, a key statistic to consider. A careholder once said, “among the HUB Brussels membership, those who work and create leave, the others, stay.”

This is something that  is not a concern at The Bourse. We are quiet workers and collaborators, with an incredible atmosphere of focus.

“This segregation in language and in practice created some kind of a blur in the identity of the community, who is welcome and who is not. If the intent with the HUB Brussels was to create a space for social innovators, it is legitimate to ask ourselves: how many in the community were indeed social innovators?”

Everyone is welcome at The Bourse Coworking Loft. Single individual, small groups, start-ups, established professionals, writers, bloggers, journalists, artists – everyone interested in pursuing work in a positive atmosphere should consider us the very best place to be.

“Without a reliable internet connection or phones, many members had no choice but to leave since they couldn’t do what they were at the HUB for: WORK. despite this situation, most of them were gutted to have to leave.”

We make sure our resources at The Bourse are reliable and operational at all times so that you don’t have to worry about that part – ever.

You can read “Why The HUB Brussels Is No More” to see how coworking can be tricky to get right, and to understand why it is so important to us at The Bourse Coworking Loft to help you find that perfect working environment.


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