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Press and Media

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Thank you to all the press and media outlets, publications, and blogs for supporting our venue and bringing light to coworking in New Haven and across the nation!

Press and Media September 2012

A week after New Haven’s two venerable hospitals became one, two more century-plus-old institutions announced a merger of their own—and vowed to bring the downtown private eating club into contemporary standards, citing trends that pose special challenges to the clubs, including the fact that some younger entrepreneurs who might have joined them in an earlier era have gravitated to thriving coworking spaces like the Grove and The Bourse, New Haven’s Coworking Loft.

From New Haven Independent: Q, Grad Clubs Merging; A New Power Lunch Era

NEW HAVEN The city’s two premier private clubs announced their merger Wednesday, ending more than a century of competition to attract New Haven s economic and social elite. The Quinnipiack Club on Church Street will merge with the Graduate Club, citing the fact that some younger entrepreneurs who might have joined them in an earlier era have gravitated to thriving coworking spaces like the Grove and The Bourse, New Haven’s Coworking Loft.

From New Haven Register: New Haven’s Graduate, Quinnipiack clubs to merge (video)

Press and Media March 2012

Kip Bergstrom, Connecticut Deputy Commissioner of  Economic Development and Placemaking, offered insights into how New Urbanism and smart growth can make the most of the “innovation economy” and the tastes of young people — meshing with them to build a mobile yet strongly urban way of life.

The view offered by Bergstrom — former head of the Stamford Urban Redevelopment Commission and earlier an economic strategist for a policy group in Rhode Island — was presented in a program organized by architect Robert Orr for the Congress for New Urbanism’s New England Chapter at The Bourse, New Haven’s Coworking Loft.

From Better! Cities and Towns: How placemaking meshes with job growth

Press and Media February 2012

NEW HAVEN Movie night just got a whole lot nattier. The Bourse Coworking Loft on Chapel Street is launching a monthly movie night on Friday that features sophisticated cocktails and optional formal attire. You don t have to wear a dinner jacket or…

From New Haven Register: Here’s to the debut of Coquetiers du Cinema at The Bourse

Press and Media January 2012

Gubernatorial aide Kip Bergstrom is ready to tell other states, “We will steal your scientists”—but he wants high-speed trains to help him do it, at a talk he delivered as part of The Distinguished Speaker Series at The Bourse, New Haven’s Coworking Loft.

From New Haven Independent: In Downtown Visit, Jobs Honcho Looks To Rails

Press and Media September 2011

Architects, traffic engineers and other design professionals from the New Haven area, and from cities as far as Boston and California, donated their time.  New Haven Architect and New Urbanist Robert Orr donated the use of The Bourse, New Haven’s Corking Loft.  Numerous community groups and interest groups, as well as City Hall professionals, Alders, and a representative from Rosa De Lauro’s office attended.  Two days of intensive talking, listening, and designing, in groups large and small, generated an array of ideas for ways to really reconnect and revitalize the area that a misguided “urban renewal” project tore asunder over half a century ago.

From New Haven Independent: Job-Seekers, Cyclists Clash Over Rt. 34 Redo

Press and Media August 2011

Urban designer John Anderson came all the way from California to weigh in on New Haven’s evolving Downtown Crossing Project as part of a 2-day workshop held at The Bourse, New Haven’s Coworking Loft. First Anderson predicted the crumbling of the Air Rights Garage…

From New Haven Independent: How About A Roundabout? Or More Trees?

Twenty architects, planners, and other professionals from across the country gathered at The Bourse Coworking Loft last weekend to attempt to redirect the City of New Haven, Connecticut, from trading one automobile-dominated corridor for another.

From Better! Cities and Towns: Rescuing a botched expressway removal

Is there an optimum size for these spaces? The March 13 New Haven Register reported on The Bourse, one of the two co-working spaces in downtown New Haven that were the focus of New Urban Network‘s January coverage. Robert Orr, a new urbanist architect who operates his firm from the building’s fourth floor, and his wife, Carol Orr, who runs a popular antique store on the ground floor, opened The Bourse in December, wanting to find a good use for an underused part of their building, on Chapel Street less than a block from the Green.

From Better! Cities and Towns: For coworking, a bigger space isn’t necessarily better

Press and Media July 2011

NEW HAVEN Second-guessing continues for phase one of the Downtown Crossing project, which is otherwise ready to jump off the drawing board in next week s Board of Aldermen vote on 100 College Street s land disposition agreement. At a hastily arranged 2-day workshop at The Bourse, New Haven’s Coworking Loft, alternative ideas leading to greater prosperity were explored.

From The New Haven Register: Concerns raised over phase one of New Haven’s Downtown Crossing project

Press and Media June 2011

“What it offers is access to a printer-copier-fax machines, endless cups of coffee (there’s a kitchenette in both the Bourse and the Grove) and perhaps most important, a group of people to bounce ideas off of. Anyone who has felt lonely working from home will grasp the rationale: Humans, being social creatures, are more productive when there are other people to talk with, lean on and learn from… “

From The Hartford Courant

NEW HAVEN It s time for a third cocktail. The Bourse Coworking Loft will have its third movie night, Coquetiers du Cinema, at 6 p.m. Friday. Tickets are $15 for non-Bourse members. The evening includes cocktails, refreshments from Zinc and a screening of Dead Reckoning, starring Humphrey Bogart and Lizabeth Scott. True to form, The Bourse will serve the movie’s famous cocktail: the Ramos Gin Fizz.

From The New Haven Register: Note to Humphrey Bogart fans: ‘Dead Reckoning’ Friday night at The Bourse

Press and Media April 2011

“A similar space known as the Bourse (French for “exchange”) on Chapel Street is the brainchild of New Haven architect Robert Orr. The idea is to offer more than a place to sit and get some work done. “

From Business New Haven

Press and Media March 2011

Recently opened is The Bourse, New Haven’s Coworking Loft. Owner Robert Orr says,“I think this is going to be a magnet to find out what’s happening in New Haven that isn’t Yale or Yale-New Haven Hospital,” he says. “These are people who have stopped waiting for the barriers to fall and are using their own two hands to get things moving.”

From New Haven Register: The Bourse on Chapel Street is your home office…that’s downtown (video)

Press and Media February 2011

“The Bourse,” said New Haven architect and co-business owner Robert Orr, “was inspired by the early days of the Paris Stock Exchange; a place where people could find support as well as funding, and most importantly, a place where new ideas could be exchanged and find footing.”

From New Haven Indepedent: New Co-Working Option: The Bourse

An immense loft with a vintage library feel, you can show up with your laptop and settle in for a few hours or a few days work.

From The E-List

Press and Media January 2011

The Bourse, New Haven’s Coworking Loft opened in early December by New Haven architect Robert and his wife Carol, half a block from the downtown Green, is the latest example of coworking, and a grand one at that…

From New Urban Network – When Coworking Comes to Town

Press and Media December 2010

Rod Stevens, the business development consultant from Bainbridge Island, Washington, dropped into New Haven in late December, wanting to take a look at a “coworking loft” called the Bourse.

Space Profile: The Bourse from Derek Koch on Vimeo.

Video and article at Independent Software:

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