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Science and Numbers

What do LA Freeways and the Lewis and Clark Expedition have in Common? Why do Science and Numbers Matter?

By Robert Orr, Master of Coworking New Haven @ The Bourse

On Los Angeles freeways as in the far reaches of the Louisiana Purchase “explorers” are quickly daunted by a sense that there’s no discernible order. All pathways and landmarks defy logic or categorization. But Angelenos and Lewis and Clark prescribe order from chaos through the use of numbers. For Angelenos it’s Freeway numbers, for Lewis and Clark it’s longitudes, latitudes, and temperatures.

But these numbers are not so much scientific determinants as they are circumscribing nomenclature. Just as aboriginals develop complex naming systems to organize the complexities of nature within their imaginations, as documented by Claude Lévi-Strauss in his The Savage Mind, the mapping numbers of freeways and river routes render instant visualization nomenclature … Read More »

Computing Unveils the Truth about Diversity

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Computing Just Might Write the Closing Act on the Self-Esteem Era, AKA Diversity
by Robert Orr, Master of Coworking New Haven @ The Bourse Coworking Loft

Coworking feeds off diversity. By bringing together people with diverse interests, backgrounds and perspectives Coworking offers the opportunity to grow enterprise and imagination in ways that individuals working alone can not. Diversity breeds prosperity. But what is diversity all about?

There’s an IBM ad that pops up on TV from time to time entitled, “Smarter Marketing: Seeing customers as individuals” ( The video is brief but poignant in driving home the shortcomings of demographics. Demographics are the indicators that steer marketers. Demographics tend to paint people in standard groups, such as income level, marital status, race, religion, education, etc.

The IBM video reveals the leap in useful indicators gleaned from switching from “geographics to analytics,” painting people as … Read More »

Urban Climate Change: Adapt or Fail

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Not Far Far Away PV Panels, Low Energy Lightbulbs, Wind Turbines, Electric Cars, LEED Platinum Gizmos Will Wear Out. Then Where Will We Be? We must plan for urban climate change through adaptation, not merely mitigation.

by Robert Orr

To the continuing debate on sustainability of which the shared workspace of coworking is an important part, The Bourse Coworking Loft adds this discussion regarding the best approach to address Climate Change (CC): whether to mitigate (take preventative measures) or to adapt (change habitat/expectations to accommodate the inevitable).

Earlier this year I attended a conference on Climate Change at Yale’s business school, the School of Organization and Management (SOM). Everyone in the room was wearing a dark suit. One after another, like at an AA meeting, presenters approached the lectern and began their talks, “Hi, My name is ______. I’m a Republican and I believe in … Read More »

“Programming” Is Not Scary

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Programming at The Bourse, New Haven’s Coworking Loft. The Bourse has hosted and is looking for people who want to offer Skillshare classes in programming, coding. Please come by and discuss your ideas and our benefits.


Reposted from Good, written by Katie Zhu

Genius Not Required: Why Anyone Can Learn to Code

This story is the third in a seven part editorial series exploring the balance between student learning and job skills. We’re asking leaders and thinkers in education and technology fields: Can America educate its way out of the skills gap? This series is brought to you by GOOD, with support from Apollo Group. Learn more about our efforts to bridge the skills gap at Coding for GOOD.

I’ve met a lot of people who believe that “programming” is an abstract, scary piece of dark magic—some kind of inaccessible ability.  I’m a firm believer—and … Read More »

Got an iPhone? Now Say, “Action!”

Barry Levinson Explores iPhone Fimmaking, Environmental Disaster in “The Bay”

The famed director of “Rain Man” decentralized the gear and process for his environmental horror, “The Bay,” gathering found footage from iPhones, webcams and actors.

Oscar winner Barry Levinson has made hit films spanning many decades, from Diner to Rain Man. But his latest, The Bay, a faux documentary cum eco-horror movie about flesh-eating isopods in the Chesapeake Bay, is a stylistic departure in which the 70-year-old director used more than 20 consumer-grade cameras to create “found” footage from iPhones, Androids, 911 calls, web cams and more to piece together the fictional story of a nightmarish 24 hours in the otherwise quaint seaside town of Claridge, Maryland.

“You’re working with a different set of tools than you normally work with,” Levinson said recently in an interview at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. “It’s … Read More »

Can’t Predict the Future?… Invent it!

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 The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Reposted from Big Think, by Brian Hoffstein
Inventing the Future

You may be familiar with Moore’s Law.  The phenomenon was first described in a 1965 paper by Gordon Moore of Intel, and it spelled out the notion that computing capacity (via the number of transistors placed on an integrated circuit) will double every two years. Since the idea’s inception, Moore’s Law has persisted through wars, recessions and the like; as if it were a phenomenon on par with nature. Mathematically it is referred to as exponential growth, and it’s the reason why the cell phone in your pocket today is a million times cheaper, a million times smaller, and a thousand times more powerful than the $60 million supercomputer of the 1960’s. It all amounts to a billion fold increase in price and … Read More »

Why are Virtual Toys Worth Billions More Than Top Grossing Movie Stars?

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Why Buzz Lightyear Is Worth Billions More Than Han Solo


Photo: tinkiak/photopin

If you are among the Star Wars faithful, it’s hard to put a dollar value on 35 years of lightsabers, Ewoks, and windpipe-crushing applications of The Force. Apparently, it’s worth just north of $4 billion, which is what Disney is paying for Lucasfilm, the studio that is the home to George Lucas and all hisStar Wars pals. Yes, there is also Indiana Jones and his swashbuckling cohort, videogames and special effects, but in a call with investors Disney CFO Jay Rasulo made it clear that when Disney did its math it was the value of the Star Wars franchise that was the main calculation.

The same discounted cash-flow analysis was done back in 2006 when Disney, with Bob Iger also at its helm, bought Pixar for $7.4 billion. That’s 85 percent more than what it’s paying for … Read More »

Does Anyone Remember the Fountain Pen?

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Above: Charles Elliot‘s handwriting to Clara Elliot

The Writing Is On The Wall For Handwriting. Right?

Reposted from FastCompany BY KIT EATON

Not so fast, says Elizabeth Ubell, vice president of marketing at Newell Rubbermaid, which bought venerable fountain pen makers Parker and Waterman in 1999. Now she’s innovating to survive.



The writing is on the wall for handwriting. Or is it? Let’s consider the fountain of information.

Handwriting Hand-wringing

A few weeks ago the Guardian newspaper published an extract from Philip Hensher’s bookThe Lost Art Of Handwriting (and Why It Still Matters). It’s a fascinating read, and the irony of the piece’s presentation was rather delicious: An article lamenting the slow disappearance of penmanship at the hand of the computer, published in a printed newspaper that represents an industry sitting beneath the same technological Damoclean sword.

It ignited a debate in our virtual offices, and among our Twitter followers–so many of whom, when questioned, … Read More »


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By Robert Orr

With all the hysteria surrounding gas prices in California, with all the fine-tuning techies gathering to enable a car-dependent culture gasping for huge-tuning measures, and with ever bigger whacks at annual income by transportation costs, something’s not working. Perhaps it’s time to step back a second and take stock.

Our last brush with gas price hysteria wasn’t so far back. Rising gas prices slammed the door on the roaring 1990s and rekindled a 1974-style hysteria that sent people stampeding for gas-sipping cars and home insulation products. Though less pronounced, 2012 behaviors revisit the ’90s as prices saunter by the old $4.50 peak.

But the ’90s hoopla poofed away quicker than fumes at the pump as gas prices inexplicably dropped. And though the fortunes of GM and Chrysler certainly went haywire, the fact remains that the popularity of pick-ups and SUVs regained much … Read More »

Sneak Peek –– New YouTube

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Get The New YouTube Design With This Google Chrome Extension

October 24, 2012 by Neha Prakash3
reposted from Mashable

If you can’t wait for YouTube to roll-out their latest redesign, there’s a hack to get the new version now.

OMG!Chrome! found a Google extension that can be installed in your browser in under 30 seconds and will update the site’s entire design.

The site’s upgrade will feature a Google search bar at the top of each page, a video counter for subscriptions along the lefthand column, and profile pictures next to users’ comments.

You can add a snippet of code to your Chrome browser to see what YouTube’s coming redesign will look like. Click here.

SEE ALSO: How to Edit Video on YouTube

Check out the video above for the full instructions on how to install the extension.

And if you see any glitches with the site after the hack, OMG!Chrome! says using this alternate code is a … Read More »

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