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Shut Up…

Posted on November 26th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Diversity, Fashion, New Haven, Urbanism. No Comments

Hipster Plague. Shut Up…

Reposted from Geez, written by Jonathan Shipley

Credit: David Jones,

They’re everywhere. A scourge. A pestilence.  Shut up…

They’ve taken over coffee shops, laundromats, bistros, barber shops, ball games. There’s no containing them, no ridding ourselves of this virus coursing through our city’s streets.

I hate them – hipsters. Maybe people think I’m one of them, but I’m not. Not really, anyway. Sure, I wear Chuck Taylors and cardigan sweaters and smart Scottish caps, but I was doing it long before the hipsters started to. That’s not to say I’m cooler than them, but I deserve some credit.

I read the recent Travel + Leisure poll: Seattle, where I live, is the “Hipster Capital of the World.” It’s true. There they are in their lumberjack outfits (freshly laundered), their wry mustaches, the fingerless gloves they knitted themselves, their big glasses with no lenses. There goes a pack … Read More »

Dress for… Digress. What’s Dress Code for Coworking?

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A Day in the Coworking Life of Today’s Fashionably Flexible Women

Reposted from Workshifting, written by Roberto Romualdez

Today we have a guest post from Roberto Romualdez. Roberto is Head of Wear to Work designs at New York & Company, advocating for fashionable yet functional wear-to-work clothing. NY&CO is a leading specialty retailer of women’s fashion apparel and accessories that provides perfectly fitting work blouses, dresses and tailored suiting options.

Many women in today’s workforce work remotely. Some work for Fortune 500 corporations or startups; others are self-employed. Regardless of whom they work for or what they do, many of these professionals are privileged with the right to choose where they get the job done.

The workshifting lifestyle emphasizes results over the traditional time-stamping mindset, meaning virtual professionals can work from any location at any hour of the day – or night. They rely on the flexibility that technology provides.

So … Read More »

As Modern Buildings Age, “Preservation” Gets Complicated. How Many Ultimately Will Survive?

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Preservationists back out before fight over FBI’s Hoover Building even begins

View Photo Gallery — Reimagining the Hoover Building on Pennsylvania Ave.: The FBI’s headquarters were built in a style of architecture known as “Brutalist,” but many of its neighbors in the increasingly Posh Penn Quarter neighborhood just see it as an eyesore. Here, a look at some of the ideas to revamp the building and whether or not they might come to life.

Reposted from Washington Post, By Jonathan O’Connell

It is nearly 40 years old, one of a dwindling number of examples of its architectural period and was named for one of the country’s best-known lawmen of the 2oth century.And yet there is little love for the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building among historical preservationists, many of whom are still smarting from a very public and contentious debate to protect another D.C. building, the … Read More »

Debate Results Just In

Posted on October 23rd, by robertorr in Blogs, Fashion, Policy, Shaping Moments. No Comments

Entire Nation Now Undecided After 4 Debates

Reposted from The Onion

WASHINGTON—Following the completion of three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate, a nationwide Gallup tracking poll conducted this morning has found that all registered voters in the United States now consider themselves undecided in the upcoming election.

According to the polling data, 100 percent of women, men, African-Americans, Hispanics, small business owners, LGBT voters, seniors, Tea Party activists, and members of every other category surveyed fall into the undecided camp after witnessing the candidates from both the Democratic and Republican tickets face off on national television for a total of six hours.

“Watching how these men conduct themselves in simple one-on-one exchanges made me completely unsure of what I’m going to do when I receive my ballot and have to put a check next to one of their names,” undecided Florida voter … Read More »

Coworking –– Want to Become an Urban Planning Nut?

Posted on October 3rd, by robertorr in Blogs, Fashion, Future Office, New Haven, Policy, Technology, Transportation, Urbanism. No Comments

The newest version of SimCity is introducing complex models about things like energy, health care, and transportation. But don’t worry, you can still destroy your city with an asteroid:



The New SimCity Will Turn You Into An Urban Planning Nut

Reposted from Co-Exist

 by Ariel Schwartz

SimCity, a city-building simulation series that was first released in 1989, has always been a virtual sandbox for aspiring urban planners, with a seemingly endless array of options–you could lay down roads; zone houses, industrial complexes, and commercial real estate; put up nuclear power plants; adjust taxation; and more. In the end, you could destroy your whole empire with a UFO or a well-placed asteroid strike. The newest version of SimCity, set to be released in February 2013, retains most of the game’s previous elements (including its addictive quality) while bringing a whole new level of complexity to … Read More »

When Will the Ennui Époque Ever Stop! Enough Already!

Posted on October 3rd, by robertorr in Blogs, Fashion, Policy, Shaping Moments, Urbanism. No Comments

A note from The Bourse: This post got buried and never published last spring when it would have been more timely. But it’s no less newsworthy.

Civic Art

By ROGER SCRUTON reposted from The American Spectator

“Starchitects” like Frank Gehry do not build for people — they build to shock.

Where’s Ike? The controversy over Frank Gehry’s design for a “memorial park” to President Eisenhower—a vast array of hideous metal walls, covered with reflections on the President’s humble origins, and mutilating (should it be built) an important public area of the capital city—has alerted Americans to the difficulty, in modern conditions, of obtaining an appropriate monument. Simple gravestones commemorate private people, and are inscribed with words of love from the few who will seriously miss them. Monuments, however, do not only commemorate public figures who have deserved well of the nation. They commemorate the nation, raise it … Read More »

Relationships –– I’m so in Love…

Ah Bliss… a day with my true love

by Lex Friedman@lexfri Reposted from MacWorld

I admit it: I love Siri. It helps that I work from home, so I can talk to my phone without inhibitions. It doesn’t hurt that I generally crave pseudohuman contact. But the real reason is simply that I find Siri so useful. And in iOS 6, Siri has become even more useful than it was before.The iOS virtual assistant has learned to respond accurately to a variety of new instructions. You can now use Siri to get information about movies, sports, restaurant reviews, and reservations, in addition to testing its know-how regarding weather, stocks, and the like. You can also use Siri to post to Facebook and Twitter, launch apps, and get directions—and that’s all in addition to its ability to set timers, send messages, perform searches, and more.I now … Read More »

The Craziness of London’s Housing Market, Explained in 1 Chart

The Bourse Side Note: To see how similar demographic shufflings are changing ground rules in the US read The Great Inversion and the Future of The American City, by Alan Ehrenhalt. Ehrenhalt writes about the flip in America where cities and suburbs have changed places. Diversity’s moving to the suburbs. These days only 4% of immigrants settle in cities, whereas large sections of formerly non-residential downtowns have become home to people-with-choice. For example the entire south side of Wall Street in New York is now residential, while Willamette, Georgia, once the McMansion bastion for wealthy Atlantans has evolved to 80% immigrants with multiple families living in McMansions and huge mosques popping up on corners.

The Craziness of London’s Housing Market, Explained in 1 Chart




Why the Two Hottest U.S. Start-ups Might Collaborate To Marginalize Visa and Mastercard

France’s Millionaires Face … Read More »

Coworking – Fashion Spring/Summer 2013

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ONE would think that there would be a limit to how far a fashion house could take a signature aesthetic of clashing prints and contrasting textures, yet this afternoon at her spring/ summer 13 show, Louise Gray once again showed it was possible to keep pushing boundaries.

“I like to refresh the past but make it relevant to the future,” she told us backstage, and that perfectly summed up the show. Undoubtedly Gray from start to finish, this collection was a riot of eclectic colour, while graffitied newspaper prints, seen on everything from tops to tights, were loud and proud.

Never a show to shy away from a total look, the back-combed hair, metallic headpieces, and oversized mirrored rings injected each look with bad-gal attitude – think Alice in Wonderlandmeets Gwen Stefani . “It’s a statement, not a question,” said … Read More »

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