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New Haven Green – The First Clean Up!

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New Haven Green – The First Clean Up

Just Two Hours, You Can Do It! Come Pitch In at the First Clean Up, Feel Good, Meet Exciting People and Help Boost Pride in Our New Haven Green and in Our New Haven Downtown!

Saturday, April 19, 2014 10:00 AM to Noon

Meet at 10:00 AM Saturday morning outside at the back of the stone church (Trinity Church on the Green) next to Chapel Street, right across from Zinc Restaurant. Look for gathered group of people.

Gloves, garbage bags, and misc. pick up tools will be provided.
Expert Cleaner-Uppers Will Provide Instruction.
Come in work clothes and good spirits. Feel free to bring your own tools, loppers, etc.
Refreshment provided.

Harvard Divinity School

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The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife: A New Coptic Gospel Papyrus

Resources about the fourth-century papyrus fragment available here are images of the fragment and a translation of the text; information (in question-and-answer format) about the fragment; and a draft of Karen L. King’s article about the gospel papyrus.

Images and Translation

Papyrus fragment: front. Karen L. King 2012

Papyrus fragment: back. Karen L. King 2012


1. Does the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife prove that Jesus was married?

2. How do we know this fragment is not a forgery?

3. What is the significance of the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife?

4. Who wrote the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife?

5. Why is the fragment called the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife?

6. What is the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife?

7. Where is the fragment from?

8. What language is the fragment written in?

9. What is the approximate date of the material fragment?

10. What is the approximate date when this gospel was composed?

11. When … Read More »

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New Haven Green – The First Clean Up!
New Haven Green – The First Clean Up

Just Two Hours, You Can Do It! Come Pitch In at the First Clean Up, Feel Good,...

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