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Back From Ashes

Posted on February 28th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Diversity, New Haven, Policy, Urbanism. No Comments

by Robert Orr, Contributor @ The Bourse – New Haven’s Coworking Loft

In these blogs, we have often drawn comparisons between coworking and the cities within which coworking is located. Here is another post inspired by the decline and regeneration of Rome, back from ashes. Rome’s experience as a city in decline for centuries, then sudden regeneration can offer lessons to modern American cities still struggling in decline on how they too can come back from ashes.

Back from Ashes – “Coworking” Glimmer in the Decline of Rome

One can draw parallels between the decline of American cities, such as New Haven (the largest city in Connecticut until 1935), brought on by the insidious cancer of automobiles in the 20th century to the decline of European cities, such as Rome, brought on by the insidious cancer of the Black Death in the 14th century. … Read More »

Computing Unveils the Truth about Diversity

Posted on January 7th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Diversity, Future Office, New Haven, Resilience, Technology. No Comments

Computing Just Might Write the Closing Act on the Self-Esteem Era, AKA Diversity
by Robert Orr, Master of Coworking New Haven @ The Bourse Coworking Loft

Coworking feeds off diversity. By bringing together people with diverse interests, backgrounds and perspectives Coworking offers the opportunity to grow enterprise and imagination in ways that individuals working alone can not. Diversity breeds prosperity. But what is diversity all about?

There’s an IBM ad that pops up on TV from time to time entitled, “Smarter Marketing: Seeing customers as individuals” ( The video is brief but poignant in driving home the shortcomings of demographics. Demographics are the indicators that steer marketers. Demographics tend to paint people in standard groups, such as income level, marital status, race, religion, education, etc.

The IBM video reveals the leap in useful indicators gleaned from switching from “geographics to analytics,” painting people as … Read More »

Bustle Equals Prosperity

Posted on December 3rd, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Diversity, Prosperity, Resilience, Urbanism. No Comments

Note from The Bourse: Coworking works best when there’s a thick population of people working in shared workspace. That’s why coworking spaces most often locate in downtown areas, like The Bourse, New Haven’s Coworking Loft. This post on the prosperity of bustle and density for city centers gets at the central nugget of relationship between bustle and prosperity.


Cities With Denser Cores Do Better, Bustle Equals Prosperity

Reposted from Atlantic Cities, by Richard Florida

Bustle and Density — the close clustering of people together in communities — is a big factor in the technological and economic progress of cities and nations. Economists, urbanists, and place makers have found density to be associated with everything from greater energy efficiency to higher levels of skilled and talented people, higher rates of innovation, and higher income.

Most studies of the effects of density measure it rather crudely, … Read More »

Shut Up…

Posted on November 26th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Diversity, Fashion, New Haven, Urbanism. No Comments

Hipster Plague. Shut Up…

Reposted from Geez, written by Jonathan Shipley

Credit: David Jones,

They’re everywhere. A scourge. A pestilence.  Shut up…

They’ve taken over coffee shops, laundromats, bistros, barber shops, ball games. There’s no containing them, no ridding ourselves of this virus coursing through our city’s streets.

I hate them – hipsters. Maybe people think I’m one of them, but I’m not. Not really, anyway. Sure, I wear Chuck Taylors and cardigan sweaters and smart Scottish caps, but I was doing it long before the hipsters started to. That’s not to say I’m cooler than them, but I deserve some credit.

I read the recent Travel + Leisure poll: Seattle, where I live, is the “Hipster Capital of the World.” It’s true. There they are in their lumberjack outfits (freshly laundered), their wry mustaches, the fingerless gloves they knitted themselves, their big glasses with no lenses. There goes a pack … Read More »

Thought Provoking: How NextGen is Reshaping Consumer Behavior

Posted on November 16th, by robertorr in Blogs, Communication, Coworking, Diversity, Future Office, New Haven. No Comments

How Kids (NextGen) Are Remaking Our Consumer Behavior
reposted from Co.Design, by Susan Fabry



Understanding consumer behavior has become a vital component in design today. But there’s one important factor that designers don’t often consider when it comes to behavior change: our children (#nextgen). We tend to believe that it’s us adults who lead by example to pass “good behavior” down to the next generation, but increasingly it’s kids leading the way to promote positive change. Call it “trickle-up” behavior change.


As flu season approaches, one particularly visible example of this is the “vampire sneeze.” Only a few years ago, it was common for all of us to cover our … Read More »

Good Urbanism Would Be Democracy’s Best Friend, If We Just Let It.

Posted on November 5th, by robertorr in Blogs, Communication, Coworking, Diversity, Efficiency, Shaping Moments, Urbanism. No Comments

Note from The Bourse: As tomorrow’s election approaches, the presidential campaign builds momentum for caustic attack ads, claimed “facts” of suspicious origin and sound bite smoke rings that melt in the gentlest breeze. It’s easy to make the connection between the campaign process and the intransigence of congressional debate down the road. Indeed, the massive isolation American citizens suffer as result of a century of auto-centric policies prevents any kind of constructive debate from entering daily routine, to be any part of our current American culture. However, new life currently breathing into our long decayed cites might offer recipes to end the madness and rekindle the conversation of true democracy.

The Democracy of Urbanism
By Robert Orr

Stepping through Updike’s magnificent portals at the Connecticut State Capitol into the open air of Hartford recently, I turned to my colleague, a Hartford native, and … Read More »

Does Empathy Make Women Better Leaders? Does “Empathy” Describe All Women?

Posted on November 1st, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Diversity, Future Office, New Haven, Shaping Moments. No Comments

Empathy. At The Bourse, New Haven’s Coworking Loft, everyone feels they are an equal participant in the shared workspace experience. With no hierarchy, coworking offers an environment supportive of all individuals regardless of issues which may have distinguished or overlooked individuals in the past.
HBR Blog Network

What Women Know about Leadership that Men Don’t

Reposted from Harvard Business Review, by Tony Schwartz

No single challenge has been greater for me as a leader than learning how to take better care of the people I lead, and to create a safe, supportive space in which they can thrive. Like most men I know, I grew up with very little modeling around empathy — the ability to recognize, experience and be sensitive to what others are feeling.

Empathy proved especially difficult for me whenever I felt vulnerable. My instinctive response was to protect myself, most often … Read More »

Coworking –– What do Grownups Want?

Posted on October 24th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Diversity, New Haven, Policy. No Comments





reposted from Serendipity Labs

What Grownups Want from Coworking

The proliferation of urban, hipster coworking facilities with their down-market, countercultural vibe has generated quite a bit of interest lately. Hundreds of community-centered “workplace catalysts” are now serving up exciting community workspace choices to independent, creative class workers who have absolute freedom to choose how, when and with whom they work.

Meanwhile, in the corporate realm, alternative workplace initiatives are liberating hundreds of thousands of middle and senior managers from traditional centralized offices. A generation of workers is being un-tethered from their desks. As companies rush to downsize and reinvent the centralized workplace, emancipated corporate workers are finding themselves working from home. Yet, over 80% of corporate workers still say they would rather not work from home due to isolation, distractions from work and interference with home life.

As an alternative or adjunct to working … Read More »

Worker-Owned Cooperatives Offer Vision Of Alternative Capitalism

Posted on October 15th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Diversity, Efficiency, Future Office, New Haven, Policy, Shaping Moments. No Comments

 Worker-Owned Cooperatives Offer A Vision Of A Different Kind Of Capitalism

Reposted from Co.Exist

A new documentary, Shift Change, explores a kind of company where the workers are also the owners, which results in a quite different economic model than we’re used to.

In an era when income disparities and anger with financial institutions in the U.S. are generating powerful social movements, it’s not surprising that people are starting to look towards alternative business models. Shift Change, a new movie from filmmakers Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin, looks at the world of worker cooperatives, where reasonable salaries, job security, and general work satisfaction prevail.

Nowhere are the benefits of this model more obvious than in the Mondragon Corporation, a giant federation of worker cooperatives in the Basque region of Spain (there’s nothing about dragons involved, it was founded in a town called Mondragon) that works in finance, retail … Read More »

Coworking – Do Small Businesses Really Contribute the Most Jobs?

Posted on October 13th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Diversity, Policy. No Comments

Presidential Debate: 5 Small Business Facts Romney And Obama Conveniently Omitted

Reposted from The Huffington Post  |  By Nate C. Hindman

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama said the phrase “small business” a combined 29 times during Wednesday night’s debate, repeatedly sparring over who loves the little guy more.

They pulled entrepreneurs into disputes over taxes, health care, outsourcing and evenDonald Trump. Yet there are certain small business facts that both candidates conveniently left out.

Here are five things Romney and Obama won’t say about small business:

1. Small Businesses Don’t Create The Majority Of Jobs

“It’s small business that create the jobs in America,” Romney said last night. But the truth is that, since 1990, large 500+ employee firms have done a better job generating employment than small firms with less than 50 workers, according to an analysis of government data by Jared Bernstein, senior fellow at the … Read More »

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