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Workspace: Messy or tidy — which is better?

Posted on September 15th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Entrepreneurship, Future Office, New Haven, Shared Workspace. No Comments

MESSY or tidy — which is better?

By Kathleen D. Vohs

Reposted from NYT: September 13, 2013

Historically, the evidence has favored the tidy camp. Cleanliness, as the proverb says, is next to godliness. The anthropologist Mary Douglas noted almost 50 years ago a connection between clean, open spaces and moral righteousness. More recently, psychologists have shown that the scent of citrus cleaning products is enough to raise people’s ethical standards and promote trust. Conversely, in another study, people were found to associate chaotic wilderness with death.

But if messiness is so bad, why do so many people tolerate, and even embrace, it?

Not long ago, two of my colleagues and I speculated that messiness, like tidiness, might serve a purpose. Since tidiness has been associated with upholding societal standards, we predicted that just being around tidiness would elicit a desire for convention. We … Read More »

Chill at The Bourse, Where the A/C’s Always On & Coffee Flows Like Water

Posted on July 16th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Entrepreneurship, New Haven, Shared Workspace. No Comments

It’s hot out. Take a cold shower before bed and make tough decisions about which room to put your air conditioner in hot. If you’re a freelancer or work-at-home type we’re betting that your couch already feels sticky and that your favorite coffice is crowded and cranky. Do yourself a favor, invest in your business, your future and keeping your core temperature below 100 degrees and start working at The Bourse. The co-working space is at 839 Chapel Street, and they have free-flowing coffee, all the AC you can handle and opportunities to rub laptops with like-minded independent workers and small businesses.

Here at MetabolicConsulting, we’ve set up shop at The Bourse’s New Haven location at 839 Chapel Street. The structure of heading to an office has kept us calm, collected and focused on summer days that might have ordinarily tempted us … Read More »

Coworking: Flash in the Pants?

Posted on April 27th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, New Haven, Resilience. No Comments

Coworking: Flash in the Pants Or The Future Of Business?

from Forbes Mag

The Dojo in New Orleans is a space anchored by WebDevrs, a mobile and web app development firm.

Gone are the days of working in a traditional office setting, where cubicles separate colleagues and the only social interactions occur around the water cooler.  The rise in coworking spaces around the world have left more people yearning for work environments that are collaborative, inspiring, and stimulating.  And, nothing sounds more uninspiring than working in a 6×6 foot box and convening around a water dispenser, as if it were an oracle that could explain the meaning of life, or, at the very least, prophesize the outcome of The Bachelor.

Coworking has witnessed a significant resurgence over the past few years with the increase of the contingent workers – professionals who work independently as freelancers, … Read More »

“Providence Effect” Bypasses New Haven

Posted on April 5th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, New Haven, Policy, Prosperity, Shaping Moments, Urbanism. No Comments

“Providence Effect” Can Most Definitely Benefit Coworking

by Robert Orr, Contributor @ The Bourse – New Haven’s Coworking Loft

The small scale incrementalism of the “Providence Effect” can most definitely benefit Coworking. The synergy of individuals getting stuff done in shared workspace, AKA coworking, is the happy bedfellow of the synergy of bustling small scale incremental urbanism. Bustle is the small scale stuff where Taleb’s messy antifragile world of disordered relationships flourish. Most definitely, it’s not the silver bullet “project” stuff born out of the cash and fossil energy flush 1980s that still captivates so many planners and economic development officials grasping today at lost causes.

So then what’s hot in bustling American urbanism today? Do a search and you’ll find hot cities pop up: Austin, Portland, Charlotte, Denver, Atlanta, Oklahoma City… Why is there never anything in New England?

…but not so fast cowboy. There’s something called the … Read More »

Do Cities Really Want Economic Development

Posted on March 10th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Efficiency, New Haven, Policy, Prosperity, Urbanism. No Comments

Economic Development – What are They Thinking?

by Robert Orr, Contributor @ The Bourse – New Haven’s Coworking Loft

Economic Development seems a total mystery when it comes to American cities. For those who bring enthusiasm and energy, fresh ideas, and hard cash to sorely “wanting” urban blight, but end up bashing their heads against inscrutable, intransigent and impregnable municipal policies that leave no choice but to walk away licking one’s wounds and scratching one’s head, Aaron Renn offers a poignant diagnosis in his blog Urbanophile. Renn answers the question:

Do Cities Really Want Economic Development?

by Aaron Renn

Ask any civic leader the number one thing they want for their town and “jobs,” economic development, is what they will likely tell you. Yet when you look at the incredibly poor economic development track record across America, despite various untold billions of public dollars pumped into projects ostensibly … Read More »

Back From Ashes

Posted on February 28th, by robertorr in Blogs, Coworking, Diversity, New Haven, Policy, Urbanism. No Comments

by Robert Orr, Contributor @ The Bourse – New Haven’s Coworking Loft

In these blogs, we have often drawn comparisons between coworking and the cities within which coworking is located. Here is another post inspired by the decline and regeneration of Rome, back from ashes. Rome’s experience as a city in decline for centuries, then sudden regeneration can offer lessons to modern American cities still struggling in decline on how they too can come back from ashes.

Back from Ashes – “Coworking” Glimmer in the Decline of Rome

One can draw parallels between the decline of American cities, such as New Haven (the largest city in Connecticut until 1935), brought on by the insidious cancer of automobiles in the 20th century to the decline of European cities, such as Rome, brought on by the insidious cancer of the Black Death in the 14th century. … Read More »

Science and Numbers

What do LA Freeways and the Lewis and Clark Expedition have in Common? Why do Science and Numbers Matter?

By Robert Orr, Master of Coworking New Haven @ The Bourse

On Los Angeles freeways as in the far reaches of the Louisiana Purchase “explorers” are quickly daunted by a sense that there’s no discernible order. All pathways and landmarks defy logic or categorization. But Angelenos and Lewis and Clark prescribe order from chaos through the use of numbers. For Angelenos it’s Freeway numbers, for Lewis and Clark it’s longitudes, latitudes, and temperatures.

But these numbers are not so much scientific determinants as they are circumscribing nomenclature. Just as aboriginals develop complex naming systems to organize the complexities of nature within their imaginations, as documented by Claude Lévi-Strauss in his The Savage Mind, the mapping numbers of freeways and river routes render instant visualization nomenclature … Read More »

Is Journalism Gone Digital Still Journalism?

Posted on February 1st, by Josh Allen in Blogs, Communication, Coworking, Journalism, New Haven. No Comments

The Puzzle of Journalism in the Age of Apps and Digital Screens

By Josh Allen, Contributor @ The Bourse – New Haven Coworking Loft

In our age of “Breaking News” about celebrities and a stream of second by second tweets about our world’s tragedies (one of which is perhaps 99% of the content of those tweets), quality longform journalism is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Stories such as “Falling Man” by Tom Junod, stand out and linger in your memory past all the white noise around us. Real, lasting stories, written by some of the most talented journalists give us a full-bodied, richly textured understanding of our world, so very far beyond what we gain from the major “news” websites, TV stations, and local papers. Increasingly our news sources are becoming “streamlined” and “optimized” for digital screens of every shape and size. As … Read More »

Work Gets Done at The Bourse Coworking Loft

Posted on January 25th, by Josh Allen in Blogs, Coworking, Efficiency, Future Office, New Haven. No Comments

At The Bourse, Coworking Means Getting Work Done
by Josh Allen, Contributor @ The Bourse Coworking Loft – Coworking New Haven

A recent article from a blogger in Brussels, Belgium detailed the fascinating rise, success, but somewhat shocking, sudden recent closure in November of 2012 of a coworking space called The HUB Brussels. It’s part cautionary tale, part investigation into what exactly went wrong in a place where things seemed to be going right. The blogger, who goes by the name Anis, clearly details how management at The HUB Brussels focused its energy on creating a passionate community, but did not facilitate the necessary parameters to keep that community coming back and engaged with each other and the space. The space was noisy, distracting, and inhibitive of real work getting done, rather than centered around cultivating a highly focused and energetic … Read More »

Bourse Coworking = No Bills For You!

Coworking = Less Bills = Happy You
Rapid Growth For Your Business is at The Bourse, New Haven’s Coworking Loft

By Robert Orr, Master of Coworking New Haven @ The Bourse


These days, where can you find office space where you never have to worry about all those hidden charges on top of “rent” that crash any business plan. You know, all the bills for electric, heat, janitorial services, coffee (and all the related refrigerators, sinks, grinders, espresso machines, stocking coffee/tea varieties, microwaves, etc.), common area management (CAM) fees, building insurance, faxing/data plan, wireless services, printing, toilet paper, staples, rubber bands, etc., etc., etc. They never seem to stop. All month. Every month. All year. And how about the responsibility of finishing a term lease if business heads south, not to mention the hefty deposit up front?

Going it alone can be risky AND expensive!

Wouldn’t … Read More »

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